A few of us went up to Austin this weekend to assist Kirby Fry on the first Austin area Permablitz, an event where a group of volunteers shows up and permascapes a site. This one was at Austin Eco School and he’ll be hosting one a month.

The level of cooperation was amazing and the number of people willing to contribute their time and money to make it happen was more than a little encouraging. We got a lot done and I’m happy to announce we’ll be the host site of a Permablitz in April.

The right side of this photo is a 6 foot swale that we backfilled with wood mulch and the berm runs beside it (the trellises, for grapes we planted, run down the center of the berm). There’s a ditch all the way around but the side opposite the swale is much more narrow.

20130122-223407.jpg Around the grapes we planted pears and plums and other fruit trees. A zig-zagged line of asparagus with a more technical term will run the length of the berm. On one side of the line we planted patches of annuals like carrots and radishes and on the other was an assortment of culinary and medicinal herbs surrounded by flowers. Blackberries will grow up the fence on the opposite side of the swale.

We laid irrigation and threw down some cover crops. In two days we made a 50×8 (don’t quote me on that) food producing ecosystem for the kids at Austin Eco School to take care of. And we did this:



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