Keeping chickens



This week we got our first egg, and lost another chick.



Infrastructure is everything. When we first got our four chicks we kept them in a makeshift coop while we worked on the real deal, and the dogs got one.

This week we lost Henrietta. The chicks spent a night safely with our older birds Marigold an Salvador


in the newly finished Fort Fluster Clucks.




We saw them in the morning, but at some point later that day Marigold decided the three little chicks were going to be poor companions in her new home. We got there too late for Henrietta. Sheena was injured but she and Sonshine seem to be recovering well.




We finished a large run behind the coop.


Perhaps with the extra space Salvador and Marigold won’t be so agitated. To be safe we’ll keep the little birds separate for now.


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