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7 days till the blitz


20130317-190524.jpg And Kirby just had all these plants dropped off at our house. Blackberries, grapes, and asparagus, among others.

The thought of having this type of growing system established in our backyard in a few days feels surreal. If you have free time during any afternoon this week come and help us get ready!


Start House




Our Start house is beginning to fill up. These little guys in the picture are about two weeks old. Today we doubled the amount of starts in anticipation of our upcoming food forest.  Almost have enough to get our summer garden going.

In another two weeks or so we’ll do another round. The plan is to have way too many and an abundance of variety so that after our land is planted there will still be plenty to offer at the San Marcos Farmer’s Market. Hint hint.

Permablitz 2 at scissortail


Kirby Fry hosted his second permablitz, coordinated and promoted by our very own Taelor Monroe, at Linda and Curtis’ house. We dug two 50 foot swales with accompanying berms about 10 feet wide and established them with fruit and farmers’ trees, asparagus, blue bonnets, artichoke, cover crops and more. It feels good to get another one of these systems going. They’re springing up all over south Austin.

Our permablitz is coming up in 5 weeks, and we have so much to do to prepare, but I feel reenergized by all the talk and excitement amongst our fellow permablitzers

Clear cuttin


We’ve begun to prepare the half acre strip of forest next to our house for the food forest we’re going to establish. We can hardly contain our excitement round here. Kirby Fry will be coming down this weekend to check the place out and help us strategize for the Permablitz we’ll be hosting March 23rd & 24th.

Step one: chop down invasive lagustrums.


Forest Work Day


We recently removed invasive trees from our property. Well, we cut em down and used the poles for construction of our new coop. The remaining limbs all rest where they fell and we need YOUR help.

This weekend we are mapping and laying berms for our new food forest and those tree limbs need to go ASAP. So on this Thursday the 25th starting around Ten in the morn, we will be cleaning up the forest. If you can spare an hour or a half day you will be rewarded in libations and a good ol fashioned porch jam.