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We recently acquired a good number of fruit tree cuttings so I slapped together this prorogation house complete with a soaker hose wrapped around the top to serve as a mister. The point is to maintain humidity so the cuttings will develop roots.

In the house are pomegranates, mulberries, figs, persimmons, and more. We got them from our friendly neighborhood fruit tree guy Lee Wallace.

The guy must have a hundred fruit tree varieties in his backyard, many of which he has adapted to this region or is probably the first to try here. He even has one tree that he’s grafted 12 different fruit varieties onto. We walked around his backyard and were overwhelmed with fruit, knowledge, and the armful of cuttings and seedlings he gave me and Taelor. Thanks again, lee.

After we cut the branches down to size, about four nodes each piece, we placed them in quart sized pots half filled with condensed coconut fiber, a handful of pine bark, and a couple handfuls of volcanite.

Happy growing in there.



Honey Bees and Fruit Trees


20130202-223212.jpg We all drove out to Wimberly in the Roots mobile (aka Jared’s car) to visit Heirloom Blooms, a permaculture community 20 minutes west of us.

They have a beautiful piece of land that they’ve begun to populate well with animals and fruit trees. I hope to visit their place again and work more with them in the future.

They were hosting a bee keeping class. It was a great introduction to the craft and to the complexities of the inner workings of a bee hive. They’re incredible creatures and we couldn’t live without them.


This evening when we got home Lee Wallace came over to help us graft mulberries onto our paper mulberries and Asian persimmons onto our Texas variety. I hope they all take. Thanks to Lee for his knowledge and expertise.