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Companion Planting & The Patterns of Nature






We harvested one of the largest beets to date from the keyhole garden today. Believe it or not it’s actually the second biggest!
We also made a few more starts including gypsy peppers, Jamaican peppers, red bell peppers, pepedew peppers, habanero peppers, bee balm, and dill. The peppers and bee balm we are planning to companion plant with tomatoes, basil, carrots and nasturtium. The dill we will plant with some already existing kale to confuse those pesky aphids!
Along with the starts we direct seeded borage, bunching onions, and radishes. These were planted in a spiral pattern to mock natures existing patterns. Watermelons will be accompanying all of these plants for a nice pest confusing medley. Don’t forget, plants need friends too!